Wednesday, May 9, 2012


18. In Time - I was actually pleasantly surprised by this one. The plot was pretty unique, a little confusing at first to understand how the time thing worked. But I thought it was rather convincing. I love Cillian Murphy as the bad guy, he just plays those roles so well. So I would recommend, interesting action flick set in the future. It was really weird to see how "generations" all look the same age. Mom and son look like they were born the same year as no one ages past 26. Very strange but interesting.

19. The Five Year Engagement - I personally liked this This was a realistic live view of people trying to each make their careers and what you have to give up to make a relationship work. And sometimes, it doesn't work out as neither person is really happy with the things they have to sacrifice. Or one person feels like they are giving up everything for the other and grows resentful.

20. The Muppets - Another Jason Segel movie, it had its moments. I don't know if I've lost my muppet magic, or what, but it wasn't as great of a movie as I was anticipating. I love Muppet Treasure Island, but this movie's plot was kinda weak for me.  Cute but not as great as I was hoping.

21. My Week with Marilyn - As I have been watching the show Smash on NBC and learning about the life of Marilyn Monroe, and I like the show more than this movie. It may have been because it is a play and incorporates singing and broadway so I am a little biased. It was still a decent movie, but I thought all the hoopla about the movie made it seem more interesting than it what the film was.

22. Firelight - Hallmark TV movie, starring Cuba Gooding Jr, need I say more? The plot was about a bunch of girls/young women in juvenile detention. In there for all kinds of reasons, and Cuba Gooding is the counselor there. He initiated a program training the women (who qualify) to be trained as firefighters and have a job/experience rehabilitation  while serving their time. Everyone learned a moral lesson, and there was the open ending that led you feeling that everything would work out in the end. It was corny, but I liked it. 

23. We Bought a Zoo - Loved this movie! It's a cute coming of age story with the family trying to-restart their lives after a terrible tragedy. And what better way than by purchasing a new home where the closest Target is 9 miles away, and better yet is attached to a ZOO! The daughter in this movie was so freaking adorable, I couldn't handle it. Scarlett Johansson as the head zoo keeper was a little ridiculous, but I went with it. 

24. Iron Man 2 - I finally got around to watching this movie, as I wanted to be up to date with all the films before seeing "The Avengers" and Robert Downey Jr. is the man. They way he plays Tony Stark is hilarious and I feel so on target. The only thing I thought was hilarious that they changed the actor playing Rhodes from the first movie to the second. That was a like huh? moment that I really enjoyed. The men did not look THAT close to one another to really transition it well. I liked both actors, so I wasn't too upset, but it was just kinda funny.

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