Friday, May 11, 2012

5 - Still Missing - by Chevy Stevens

I enjoyed the book, but elements of the book did bother me so I didn't love it. The basic plot is that about this woman, who was a realtor showing an open house and ends up being abducted for about a year by a psychopath she so eloquently refers to as "The Freak". This probably would have never been a book I would have picked up on my own, as the style of writing kinda bothered me. Well, let me explain. So the way the story is told, each chapter is told as though it is a therapy session, and its after the abduction and the woman (Annie) gives like a re-cap of whatever it is she feels like discussing with the therapist during the session. It's a different and interesting idea, but the character was so snarky and sarcastic each time, like "Oh hey doc, you must loathe hearing me whine about my life each week, but I can't help it. I have become such a self-centered and whiny person since this happened" and each chapter starts with her like saying a different degree of the same thing. It got a little annoying for me.

This book takes place in Canada, which was fine and all, but instead of saying police station, they call it, and I kid you not, a "cop shop". Which just made me laugh, what weird terminology! Are you purchasing police investigations? Is it a shop you can peruse and pick which cop will be assisting you? I mean cop shop, I wasn't even sure what the hell they were talking about until I kept reading. Crazy Canadians.

The book was great with plot and action though. It really drew you in, as the way the book was told, the action had really already happened, and by the middle of the story, you realize there is more going on here than just the original abduction. All in all a very entertaining and different type of story, filled with disturbing events and intrigue, mystery and all around family drama/tragedy.

I recommend, if you like the disturbing/thriller plots with crazy twists!

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