Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 -With Friends Like These - By Sally Koslow

This was an interesting book, I didn't love it (Not like I love the Hunger Games, or the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo...but I digress) ...I didn't per say hate it either though. So this novel centers around 4 best friends (Chloe, Talia, Quincy and Jules) and how basically they all screw each other over, or do things behind each others back's instead of confronting one another about their issues.

The only character I enjoyed was Quincy as maybe I did not see her as being so deceptive as the other three. But they all pretty much annoyed me. I don't know if it was just so slow in getting issues between the friends to come to fruition, but something was missing that made me wish there had been something more there.

Parts of the book I felt were really insightful, showing how people can cling to their stubbornness and one sided view of a situation, and would rather avoid messy topics than confront it head on. I definitely agree, sometimes people would rather turn the blind eye to an issue rather than face it, or admit their guilt. But this novel just circles the same problems basically the entire span of the novel, and it comes to a point when you ask yourself, is anything ever going to be solved? Barely. The ending is basically a quick "Oh and then we all got over it" ...the end. A two page wrap up so does not clarify how everything ends.

The other thing that was interesting was the way in which the story was told. Each chapter was told through the eyes of one of the four girlfriends. Which really showed the different ways they all viewed the same events, and helped to clarify how each person felt and handled the different situations between each other. However, it didn't have a set pattern, it would jump from person and then back to the same person, and just flowed strangely. Some of the plots with particular characters (particularly Jules for me) just dragged on and bored me. I would rush through the chapter just to get back to one of the other characters and see what was going on with them. It was a light somewhat airy read, definitely not as thought provoking or creative as other novels, but I enjoyed it.