Thursday, May 31, 2012

Movies - The Avengers and some others...

25. The Avengers  - Enjoyed the movie. I think all comic book turned movies are pretty good (except maybe Spiderman 3, that was just total crap) The plot was overall good, but I think there were too many characters to really want to root for one overall. Which I guess could be the point, that they are all on the "right" side, but still. Thor still is gorgeous as ever, and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man is just always great. I think his character tends to stand out slightly more than the others, maybe that is just me as I find him hilarious. Cool in 3D so I would recommend it as a great comic book/action movie.

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26. Despicable Me - Loved this movie! The plot was cute and funny. Enjoyable for adults and children I think. The plot was a little ridiculous, as more child movies are, as this centered around the "evil villian" Gru, and how he ends up adopting 3 young girls all for part of his evil plan....but then ends up loving them. Super cute. The minions were hilarious! I thought they were so funny and honestly could have been their own separate movie. I am  a movie dork so I loved that it was Steve Carell as the voice of Gru, and its ridiculous German accent. Definitely recommend!

27. The Darkest Hour - I enjoyed the movie. I mean honestly I was putting together a puzzle while watching it, so I may not have been giving it my undivided attention. It was a decent action/thriller I guess. The plot was a little weak....basically another alien invasion movie, where they want to harness our minerals and scrap the earth. And electricity is the way they see bodies or something like that. That part was a little much, but I loved that Holder from the show "The Killing" was in the movie. He was a douche in the beginning but then ends up being one of the only survivors with the group. Overall it was a decent movie, nothing over the top great but decent.

28. Battleship - Wow, this movie really disappointed me. I don't know what it was I was expecting, but the movie did not deliver it for me. I guess first thing first, the opening scene was really too absurd for me. My boyfriend disagreed and thought it was hilarious and totally believable as what a guy who wanted to impress a girl would do...but I guess I'm cynical and don't think anyone would be that desperate to impress a girl with a "chicken burrito". I don't want to give away too much I will keep it vague. Also, the main guy was such an over the top narcissist that I didn't really like him. Normally the bad boys you end up falling for them anyway right? Well not for me with this guy. The people I really wanted to watch in this movie, namely Liam Neeson and  Alexander Skarsgård (Eric from TruBlood) were barely in it! And Rihanna's lines were so corny and ridiculous, as I think most of this movie ended up being. Fail Hasbro, fail.

28. The Help - Most people don't agree with me, but I prefer to watch a movie before reading the book it was based on. Typically people think that "ruins" the book. Oh so not true. What burns me is when I've read a book, am completely in love with the plot and scenes and characters, and then directors and actors use their "creative license" or decide never to read the books the character they are playing was based on, and just hope for the best. (Ahem, Twilight) But anyways I am rambling. To clarify I never read this book, but I heard it was amazing. I just watched the movie and absolutely loved it! It was such an interesting story, and such a pivotal time in our history when people had to step up for those who had no power, and to acknowledge that how people were behaving towards one another was wrong. Very inspirational movie, and very sad too to hear and see the stories of what happened during that time.

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