Wednesday, July 11, 2012

8 - Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I really liked this book. It's way more sappy than I usually like, but it was not over the top so I could handle it. (I like to think of it as similar to a Nicholas Sparks novel but not quite so cliche and ridiculously sappy). So the story is told through two eyes, the first set is a young girl named Lexi. She was living in the foster system for the past 5 years off and on and had a drug-addicted mother who kept coming back into the picture to mess up her prospects. She finally seems to have found a Washington.

Then the story switches to the perspective of a mother of two, twin boy/girl, Mia and Zach and she is the overprotective mother who is immersed in her kids lives suffocatingly so. She cares and loves them, but she is head mom of the PTA and knows all the events going on at school, when the school dances are...and is involved way more than the typical parent. Almost as though she wanted to re-live her childhood through her kids. The story really takes off when the kids hit their senior year of high school. Lexi and Mia are best friends, and Zach and Lexi fall in love. One night out drinking changes their lives forever, one life taken, one sent to prison, and one left trying to live a half life without the love needed to grow.

Told you, its a very emotional book that had highs and lows, but overall I really enjoyed it and would recommend it if you want a story that has love, tragedy, and questions about how would you try to move on after a life altering tragedy? Who would you blame? Yourself, friends, family, alcohol... or is it just life and you have to learn to deal with it.

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