Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Movies

29. Prometheus - This movie was pretty good. I had mixed feelings going into it, the trailer didn't really wow me. I went with my brother to the midnight opening...and no I did not see it in 3-D. The line was so obnoxious and I don't think seeing it in 3-D would have magically made anything cooler to me. The plot was similar to any alien-type of movie. Go to some distant planet, there seems to be sketchy alien beings there that want to take over. It wasn't as thriller/gruesome as I would have anticipated based on the actual Alien movies, but it was still overall an enjoyable flick. One actor in the movie, I think he is British in real life, he plays a cyborg in the movie. His character was pretty funny and yet devious as well. I thought the cast was pretty good as well, that is important for any movie.

30. Conviction - Bradley and I were bored one night and put on this movie. I actually really liked it. The premise was this, Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell were brother and sister who were always super tight. Them against the world. He was always getting into trouble growing up. He is arrested and put in jail for the murder of a woman in the town, but the whole time he pleads his innocence. At first, Hilary Swank just supported him during the trial, but then when he actually gets convicted, she basically makes it her life mission to get him free. She puts herself through her GED, Bachelor's Degree, and finally law school, all so she can try to help her brother. It's a sad struggle, it costs her her marriage, her sons feel neglected, and she has to fight the whole time to prove her brother is not guilty. It was a really good movie, also with a great cast. Minnie Driver is always refreshing with her witty comments. If you get the chance, watch this one.

31. Rock of Ages - Eh. I saw the musical and loved it. (This Broadway theatre it was being performed in served alcohol to your seat, so yeah I loved it. I mean you really felt like you were part of a rock concert.) I don't think a musical like this can translate well into a film. The cast was decent, however I didn't really like the two main people the guy/girl love interest. Tom Cruise was hilarious though, his character was bat shit crazy and the passionate scenes with him and Malin Ackerman were too much. I also though Alec Baldwin was decent, but the character Russell Brand played, I don't think he executed it as well as the live show did. The musical was told by that guy, but the movie they didn't use that angle as it was too hard to convey. So I wasn't impressed. Could wait for dvd to see this one.

32. X-Men: First Class - I am a comic book/action hero junkie. As I have previously stated, you really can't go wrong with action scenes and super powers. Come on. And this movie I thought was pretty good. Not as amazing as the X-Men movies before it, but still lives up to the film genre. I liked James McAvoy as Professor X, and the other characters besides Mystique and Magneto were pretty much background noise. They were briefly mentioned but no lasting impressions. Except for the geeky CIA guy who also happened to be a mutant. It was clever how they tried to take the actual events of the cold war and put a spin on it to include the mutants as always being behind the main events of the countries. I would recommend t his one as well.

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