Monday, April 9, 2012

Kicking Back and watching some flicks

So a few random movies I have taken the time to watch, and sorry I am really terrible at posting my movie reviews right after I watch them, so these are very vague and not very in depth analyses:

10. Source Code:  Action flick with Jake Gyllenhaal in which he keeps experiencing the same 15 minutes-ish before a bomb explodes on a train. One of those movies where it gets confusing if you try to rationalize the outcome of each event that gets changed. And of course this is a program financed through the army and government, but no one knows that such a program exists. It just kept confusing me more and more with each re-enactment of the same sequence of events. It was decent, I was expecting more out of the movie, but it was an interesting concept for a movie.

11. Puss in Boots: I loved the character of Puss in Boots in the Shrek movies, so I had been dying to see this one. It was a cute kids movie, incorporating some other fairy tale creatures like Humpty Dumpty and the Goose that laid the golden eggs from Jack and the Beanstalk. It definitely was not as funny as Shrek, but honestly Shrek has not been really funny since the original. The sequel had its moments, but from there the it really lost its flame. I love Antonio Banderas as Puss though, his voice is perfect for the role. "I am boots"

12. Project X: I actually begged Bradley (my boyfriend) not to drag me to this dumbass movie. I thought it looked stupid, had the same plot as any other "Oh my parents are gone for the weekend let's turn this into a shit show house party" but boy, I was pleasantly surprise by this one. I think I laughed from the start to finish. The plot is absurd, but once you kinda acknowledge that the events that happen are just great. The one friend, Costa, was just such a jerk that you couldn't help but find him hilarious.

13. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: So this movie was out for like over a month, maybe two, when I finally got the chance to see it. I knew what to expect...I feel like I have gotten bitter over the quality of movies that are out there now. Are there no new and intriguing plots to write any more? No more hidden gems, no Amélie's or The Princess Brides? Ah, those two movies are so not in the same genre or classification of great movies, except in my own personal movie collection. But my point is, this was just the same as any of the other Mission Impossible's. Tom Cruise's crew is set up to take the blame for some messed up mission, and somehow he always seems to survive. (I did like the random cameo in the movie by Sawyer from Lost, aka Josh Holloway. He was in the movie for like two seconds, much to my dismay...)

14. The Hunger Games: I of course read the books (thank you Lynn Weiss for introducing me to the wonder that is Panem and District 12) So I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the movie. I thought it was well done for a book turned movie. They was not much character development, which was the main flaw I had with the film. We needed to understand the awkward Katniss'/Peeta is it fake?/is it real? love drama better. The movie did not do that justice. But for anyone who did not read the books I thought it was easy enough to follow the story and get sucked into the disturbing mindset of what "The Hunger Games" was all about. (Personally, Woody Harrelson is just too funny, not matter what role he is in. So casting him as Haymitch, well done.)

Sorry for the delay! There may have been more that I have watched and just can't recall right now. I am sure I will watch more than 50 movies before the end of the year so I am not that worried. The books...starting to get a little concerned about.

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