Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Action Flicks with High Schoolers

Alright so here are two movies that I actually quite enjoyed. Both were action movies centered on some high school students that were basically the coolest kids you would ever want to know. They are as follows:

8. Abduction - I was not dying to see this movie, thought it looked pretty cheesy and ridiculous from the previews. I was actually pretty surprised on how much I liked it. Taylor Lautner is yummy as usual, too fit to be humanly possible. His character is raised by parents who he finds out are not his birth parents by seeing his pic on a missing persons website. That made me laugh a little, because really? What are the odds that he's scrolling through the site and the 5th photo he sees looks shockingly a lot like him, and makes him question his whole life? But then the deeper truth is even crazier than that. It was as if the Bourne Identity meets high school, except it's not that he couldn't remember his past, he just didn't know the truth. And of course he had been trained to kick serious ass. One of the best scenes is between him and his "father" and they are training together, which becomes just a father and son beat down on each other. I would recommend as a good action flick.

9. Chronicle - I absolutely loved this movie. My brother had told me about it and had given it rave reviews. All I got from the commercial is that the movie was about a couple of guys who somehow got powers. It reminded me of The Covenant based on the commercials, and other than having four really hot guys with no shirts on most the time, that movie was bloody terrible. Thankfully, Chronicle exceeded every expectation I had. I don't want to give too much away, as I would recommend everyone go see it. It is funny and dark, showing how these 3 kids acquire special powers, and how they mess around with it. Really well done.

I am really slacking in my book reading. Hopefully that changes otherwise there is no way I will complete this challenge!

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  1. i was surprised to really like abduction too! i randomly got it one night out of a redbox before i got my cable and internet hooked up so i figured ehh whynot. taylor lautner, so totally worth it, and i happen to love the bourne movies so it all worked out :)